Foundations of Yoga Course

A 15h in-person introduction course to the practice of Yoga and its main teachings.

Patricia Lorenzo Yoga Teacher in a right-sided camel pose, ardha ustrasana. She wears grey top, black leggings, kneeling in a dark grey blanket with woollen pillows at the back. The sun is shining.

Have you ever wanted to try Yoga but were never sure of where to start? 

This course is the perfect answer to the question above. It is also an excellent opportunity for current practitioners to review the basics of this powerful practice.


This course will be held at the event room of the co-working space L’Blassa in the heart of Guéliz in Marrakech.

The course will run for 6 weeks, starting on Monday, the 21st February and ending on Thursday, the 31st March. Classes will be held each Monday and Thursday of the week from 18h30 to 19h45.


  • Week 1: Rediscovering breath, movement and their connection with Sun salutations;
  • Week 2: Circular and Moon salutations and principles of balancing and flow;
  • Week 3: Modified salutations and principles of twisting and back bending;
  • Week 4: Flowing from the Center (core-focused classes);
  • Week 5: Strong and agile, different kinds of stretching;
  • Week 6: Putting it all together and introduction to the other limbs of Yoga and practices (breathwork, meditation, mantra).

The program is designed to give you essential sequences and tools you can use to establish a home practice and confidently explore the practice in other settings and with other teachers.

Ardha Ustrasana (half-camel pose) by Anna Bek at Riad BE, Marrakech

Patricia Lorenzo in a vishnu's couch positon, anantasana. There is an adobe wall at the back, she is lying in a dar grey covered mattress wearing light grey shirt and black leggings. The sun is bright.


  • 1500dh total. It includes:
    • 15h in-person course with me;
    • A reference MANUAL (print + pdf) for self-practice.
    • Dedicated WhatsApp and/or Facebook group to keep in touch before, during and after the course.


This first edition will be entirely in English. If enough interest, I can consider offering it in French at a later time.


The registration for the course is now open. Registration ends on the 14th February (one week before the course begins). Please, fill this form to register and have payment details.

The number of participants is restricted to 15. A minimum of 6 registered participants is required for the course to go ahead. A full refund will be issued to those who have registered if the course does not happen.

Anantasana (vishnu’s couch pose) Photo by Anna Bek at Riad BE, Marrakech

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