About my Path

Patricia Lorenzo, yoga teacher based in Marrakesh in a ballet lunge posture.

I found Yoga when looking for a physical activity that would allow me to also engage my consciousness. I found some easy to follow videos and although discipline was as challenging as many of the postures, I kept going back to the mat. With each practice, I felt the changes in my body, mind and in my ability to control my reactions. And the more I felt the peace and quiet I had longed for.

While evolving with the practice, I remained aware and in awe of such a gift and to become a Yoga Teacher was the natural next step. I patiently waited to study with Esther Ekhart, my first teacher and forever guru for my 200h certification (see credentials).

My style is constantly evolving but can be defined as a slower pace Vinyasa with focus on strength and mobility, bringing in flexibility from a place of engagement. I don’t ask or expect anyone to bend into extreme shapes. This is in part because I can’t do them myself but also because I feel this goes against the function of the body which is to carry us and allow us to interact with the World in a natural manner.

I’m most interested that you learn to identify what you need most. That you learn to experiment with your own body, so you discover what kind of movement, breathing and meditation techniques work best for your unique self. I want you to be empowered to make your own choices when it comes to creating your own balanced practice. Even if that means not using some or any of the tools I share with you.

Patricia Lorenzo, yoga teacher based in Marrakesh, in a Sleeping Vishnu pose or Anantasana.

I’m intuitively influenced by other Yoga styles such as Power Flow, Budokon, Slow Flow, Iyengar, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga and by other schools of movement such as Somatics and Pilates. This allows for a more organic way of exploring the body beyond straight lines and for many options when adapting the practice for different kinds of body anatomy and ranges of motion often as the class unfolds. True to the Yoga tradition, all the movement and postural holds are weaved with the breath and self-inquiry for a deep awareness of the self. 

I’m of Portuguese and Spanish descent and live in Marrakesh since 2010, on a journey of its own that has taught me much and allowed the encounter with my beloved Scottish partner. We share our home with three rescued cats and four tortoises. Just one big happy, furry, scaly family.

Whether you’re visiting or living in the city of Marrakesh, it’s simple to include your Yoga practice into your Morocco holidays and daily life. There’s a great choice of yoga teachers, yoga studios and yoga retreats in many locations around the red city. I encourage you to try new teachers and settings to keep you refreshed and motivated on your exploration of this powerful way of being.

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